Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lighting Test

These are some digital test shots using both Tungsten and Strobe lights.


This is my first project for Intermediate Darkroom, Document for Change. This series of photographs documents the experience of living with a person that suffers from dementia. My grandmother has been sick for more than ten years. These photographs are a way to tell her story and share her experience. A mood of sadness and loss is created to represent my grandmother’s state of mind and also to show the emotional impact this disease has had on my family. Through this work, I wanted to document the changes that my family has had to make in order to care for my sick grandmother. Child locks on the cabinets and removing the knobs from the stove are both steps we’ve had to take in order to keep her and the family safe. These photographs are meant to open up the world of dementia to the viewer and to share some of these universal experiences of caring for the sick and elderly.

Still Life

Here are two photos from my Still Life project for Intermediate Darkroom.
Shot using a rail and land 4x5 film camera.